Moon lake Investments & VDL

Moon Lake Investments Pty Ltd was established in 2015 as a vehicle to invest in Australia’s agribusiness industry, in response to a growing demand in China for clean, safe, fresh food products.

In early 2016, Moon Lake Investments made its first agribusiness investment with the purchase of the Van Diemen’s Land Company (now renamed VDL Farms) which sells its milk under the VAN Dairy. This was the start of what is planned to be a growing portfolio of successful agribusiness companies in Australia, which will happen in conjunction with a complete paddock-to-plate process that will provide consumers in China with access to the freshest produce in the quickest way possible.

As the owner and operator of VDL Farms, Moon Lake Investments is proud to continue the long tradition of producing Australia’s purest, freshest milk, under the brand VAN Dairy.

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The aspirational Vertically Integrated Model for VDL Farms and VAN Dairy is an exciting one. It includes the entire paddock-to-plate (or ‘grass-to-glass’) process, from farming to the end consumer.

Managing this process in an integrated way, through its own companies and networks, allows Moon Lake Investments to have complete control. This includes the management of the farm, the raw product, the processing and the quality, as well as the safety, value-adding, logistics, marketing, sales and distribution. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring the satisfaction of the consumer, whether they are in Australia or China.

Moon Lake Investments are air freighting on a weekly basis directly to China. To ensure the fast, efficient and quality-controlled distribution of fresh milk and milk products straight from the pristine farmland in Tasmania to customers in China.

A strong heritage

VDL Farms has a rich and proud history.  Located in the remote coastal region surrounding Cape Grim in North-West Tasmania, the company was established in 1825, and is one of Australia’s oldest companies.

Originally the Van Diemen’s Land Farm (from which VAN Dairy takes its name), it has been committed to quality land, dairy, and stock management practices for more than 190 years.

Today VDL Farms owns and operates 25 dairy farms and a Dairy Support Unit that includes the youngstock rearing operation. It is a 19,000 cow dairy operation with more than 30,000 dairy livestock, a team of 140-150 people, and production of around 100 million litres of milk a year, making it Australia’s biggest dairy business.

A philosophy of establishing strong,

Our Values

Moon Lake Investments has a strong commitment to sustainable land and stock management practices, and to providing further investment and employment in the state of Tasmania. The company acknowledges and continues to conserve and enhance the important cultural and natural heritage significance of the land, while building a world-class dairy business that creates sustainable economic activity and local jobs. VDL Farms is a strong supporter of, and contributor to, the local community, and enjoys strong support from the community in return.

long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships.